Queen Victoria Markets, Melbourne

oh wow It’s been a great start of 09, I’ve literally been bed-ridden for three days with a horrible virus which had me having fevers of 39degrees every single fcuking day. HORRIBLE and even worse so because I had stomach pains and had to hop to the bathroom with all the dizzyness, one time I passed out on the toilet and had to get my papa to carry me + my plaster cast from the toilet seat to my bed… tres embarassing. Anyhoo on with the Melbourne posts…

Day Three

Today we got up early to head up to the Queen Victoria Markets, Bill actually planned for us to go on a 2hour Foodies Tour ($30pp) but unfortunately for us they were closed over the holiday period. So we soldiered on ourselves through lanes and lanes of crafts, clothes, nick nack shops and deli’s and ended up buying alot of sweets, pastries, biscuits and a huge brakwurst in a bun with sauerkraut and mustard :9

Then we were off to Chapel St to do some shopping or rather browsing, had yum cha for lunch eating the usual suspects. Back at the city we had a coffee break at Koko Black again where I indulged in an Iced Mocha and it was soooo good, not too sweet with alot of espresso. It combined chocolate and vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce and espresso poured on top. We also explored all the laneways of the city a bit more, walked through the lane with graffiti art and the Nau interactive bells and all the way to Federation Square where we sat down to watch the people go past as we ate our fries. OMG I saw this sign from afar and had to try it, because I am a chip monster “Lord of the Fries – best tasting fries you’ll ever have”. They’re hand cut fries and still have the skin on so they’re healthier than regular fries and have a range of sauces to choose from like French Canadian Gravy, Belgian European Mayonnaise and other awesome sauces AND it came in a cone for people on the go like us =). We ended up with the Aussie sauce – rich tomato sauce with vinegar and they were pretty good but I still love my Oporto’s chips.

We had dinner at a cafe off the Block Arcade which I’ve forgotten the name of, my bad. It was quite lovely and felt so cosy. I had a Prawn and Baby Clam Linguine with Chilli and Ginger and Bill had a divine Mushroom Risotto which I gladly finished off for him since he wanted to finish the entree of Satay Chicken.

Koko Black

Iced Mocha – the best I’ve ever had

Bill actually thought there was a person there

Resting my feet at Federation Square

Personal Slave, Bag-Man and ATM

This was pretty cool, we were trying to figure out how they know when to ring…

Cosy cafe

My Linguine which wasn’t as good as the risotto that I forgot to take a photo of. (it was a little too hard)

The Satay Chicken Entree
Seriously I was expecting satay chicken skewers, this is more like a main

Foot Update

During our shopping spree at Chapel St, my foot was quite uncomfortable and I was grateful at every opportunity where I could sit, though the painkillers were probably doing a great job. So halfway through the day we sat down at a bench near the park and I looked down to see that my shoes weren’t helping the situation at all, and the bruising was worse than yesterday as there was a visibly distinct purple line…

See how fat one foot is, the right one is anorexic and the left one is the Michelin man

Who’s got cankles… I DO!
The buckle on my shoe is on the last hole… (It’s not usually on the last hole but on the first) and it was still too tight that I wanted to poke another hole in it.

The bruising which was about to get worse.

4 thoughts on “Queen Victoria Markets, Melbourne

    • haha I know the name of the place caught my attention!
      They’re a franchise in Melbourne because I saw a few very close to each other after we bought our fries!

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