Koko Black, Melbourne

Day Two

The day you’ve been waiting for, we woke up nice and early today with plans to go to Laurent Patisserie or Le Petit Gateau for some morning pastries but plans were thwarted when I awkwardly rolled my ankle inwards trying to flick a moth off my toe. Yes, I hurt my foot trying to fight off a moth (and no I don’t think it was one of my ancestors or anything) because that’s how uncoordinated I can be at times. (Bill explained that it looked like a river dance cross a ballet move) And I immediately knew I sprained my ankle or pulled a muscle in my toe because my foot was in excruciating pain, so I laid on the bed yelling “it hurts it hurts owwww” all the while Bill laughed at me reenacting my lil dance. After both calming down a bit we realised my foot was swollen about the size of a 50cent coin and it hurt to move my pinky and fourth toe, so I tried to walk and couldn’t… devastating since we planned to go kill our credit cards at Chapel St. So off I limped to the pharmacy to get some “medical advice” and she said I probably sprained it and gave me these painkillers to take orally and an emulgel to rub on it, which was to prevent swelling and inflammation. So since, I couldn’t walk properly we opted for a day at Melbourne Aquarium instead of hardcore shopping, which in hindsight probably wasn’t a good idea either.

I must admit, seeing the new Antarctic section and the King and Gentoo Penguins at the aquarium was alot of fun. The King Penguins were impressive, with their yellow patches on their chest, and are so tall and have these round bellies. They’re quite mesmerising to watch as they waddle in a group of three lifting their beaks up to touch together. Apparently they’re gay since two of them are male and are extremely close and ignores the attention of the female which frustrates her. They’re also very fast swimmers, though they have round bellies they’re streamlined and can manouvere between each other. The Gentoo Penguins on the other hand aren’t as majestic and visually eye-catching with fancy colours but they are extremely adorable as they waddle and are so small and cute! I love them!! They’re smaller with a bigger tail and have orange feet while the rest of their body is in patches of whites, they look a little clumsy when they waddle which makes them even more cuter and were much more curious than the King Penguins as they would come right up to the glass and sort of stare and interact with you on the opposite side. They look much more active and are apparently the fastest underwater swimming bird from what I can remember. Oh and they’re extremely adorable when they toboggan across the ice and into the water.

After lunch at Chinatown (Peking Duck, Xiao Long Bao, Jia Jia Men, Prawns) we went shopping around the bigger city shopping centres. And after my foot could no longer take my weight we had a coffee break at Koko Black, where I was torn between the Belgian Spoil or the Silken Chocolate Tart. In the end I had this delicious Belgian Spoil which I did manage to finish all by myself. It included Chocolate Cake, Two Chocolates (Bill loved the Snowman one), Shortbread which I found too dry for my taste, Chocolate Mousse with crushed hazelnuts and Chocolate Ice Cream while Bill had a Sienna Ice Cream Martini. It was so good, especially the Sienna Strawberry ice cream and the two chocolates!! We ended up buying 5gift boxes of chocolates too.

The gay two and the female chasing them for some lovee

Gentoo Penguin in the foreground with its orange feet

Yes, we rike merrillborne penguins

My favourite fish – the Lionfish

Lobster and crab in missionary position

“Boo, I’m ugly”

Pregnant male Seahorse

Lunch at Chinatown precinct


Belgian Spoil

Sienna Ice Cream Martini

Resting my feet

Bill trying to squeeze into a pair of pants HAHA

Pink Peppercorn Steak

350gm Rib-eye with Mushroom Sauce
 Foot Update
So after a day of walking around the city or rather limping, and multiple painkillers, when we came home we iced the foot and kept it elevated on top of cushions while I slept. As you can see there appears to be some bruising above the metatarsals of my left foot and since it was swollen my gladiators left marks on top of it.

6 thoughts on “Koko Black, Melbourne

  1. Hurting your foot trying to flick off a moth? Well look on the bright side, it could have been worse, you could have hurt your foot trying to…. trying to… umm… no actually that was pretty damn embarrassing. Either keep that one to yourself of make up a fictional and heroic story instead 🙂

    And I swear those penguins look like animatronics….

    • It was fun! Quite different to Sydney.

      I’m using a Canon 860IS but you should check out the Canon980IS I think, it looks so cool though not as skinny XP

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