So if you haven’t noticed, I’ve come back from Melbourne though not in one piece, but more on that a little later.

It was my first time there and I absolutely loved Melbourne (as a place to visit of course). I think it’s so much more tourist friendly than Sydney with all the information centres and visitor volunteer people all around the city, and the free city circle tram and shuttle bus are so great just to have a tour of the city and relax.

Day One
After checking in at around 1pm we explored the city via the city circle tram to the information centres to pick up a few brochures, did some shopping and it was off to the Docklands precinct and Harbourtown for the Southern Star Observation Wheel and dinner. The Southern Star Observation Wheel recently opened in late December 2008, which huge air condiitoned cabins giving you a 360degree view of the city rising up to 120m at the peak and the whole trip took 30minutes. Luckily for us, it was a very clear day so it allowed us to see all the way to the beaches at St Kilda, the bridges and over the CBD. It was definately a great start to the week, or so it seemed.

Flinders St Station still with Christmas decorations

Intercontinental Rialto Towers

Outside a line of yellow taxis await


Free transport =))))

Horse-Drawn Carriage giving a tour to the Shrine of Remembrance $100

ANZ Gothic Museum

Southern Star Observation Wheel

Overlooking CBD

Bolte/west Gate Bridge

Kobe Jones

4 thoughts on “Melbourne

  1. hi,
    Stumbled upon your blog while researching on my up-coming mel trip.
    May I ask which hotel is that in your picture “1619”?
    It looks really cosy, would you recommend it?
    Thanks in advance.

    • Hii, it’s Oaks on Collins opposite the Rialto Towers! They also have an Oaks on Market too which is closer to the middle of the CBD.
      It really depends on how long you’re staying for I think! I’d recommend it for a few nights, and it worked out for us since we were only there for 8hrs to sleep at night hehe.

      Oh did you post a similar comment to this before? Sorry I didn’t notice!!

      • Hi 🙂
        Thanks for the info.
        It will be a short 3 nights stay so I guess accessibility is my main concern. Shall research on your suggestion : oaks on market.
        *hangs head* That was me. I thought I didn’t hit the “post comment” button before closing the page and decided to resend.
        BTW, love your food pics.
        Speedy recovery on your ankle:)

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