bridges are burning, baby i’m learning a new way of thinking

Happy New Year, hope everyone had a wonderful night and wishing everyone (okay maybe not everyone XP ) a year filled with love prosperity and happiness.
2008 is over, finally. It was definately a tough year for me with major ups and major downs, which saw me take responsibility for my own actions helping me grow into a hopefully more mature Ayana.

Uni was more relaxed, or so it seemed… until I had 3 essays to write in two weeks… a mistake I repeated in 2nd semester, however I got there and graduated =) and I’ve decided to take a break before I get back into studying full time again.

Another reoccurring theme of 2008 was relationships, no it was the Year of Relationships. It has seen me lose more friends than gained, but c’est la vie, as long as those who have a complete hold over my heart still remain.

1. Boxer in the ring trying to defend myself, In the private eye to see what’s going on, That’s long gone, When I’m with you I can just be myself. It really was a rollercoaster ride for us last year wasn’t it? I nearly lost you and I am extremely grateful as we end the year together and not apart, because you’re my best friend and I think I had forgotten that and held back so much, not giving us enough credit and trust, something you would’ve done if situations were reversed. But in the end we did pull through, we didn’t give up but forgave and moved on. Looking back I do believe it has strengthened our relationship, and maybe it was something we had to go through to bring us closer and recognise each of our flaws so that we can face all the odds against us in the future. So no matter how many fall outs we have, once we’ve ironed out all the kinks, it’ll still be like the good old days, we’ll always be there for each other and that’s what defines our relationship. You’re both amazing and beautiful people and I love you to death!!

2. Now everything has changed. Honestly, I don’t think I would’ve been able to get through uni without you last year and I really don’t know where I would be today without seeing you each and everyday. You were always so good to me, and I can’t repay you which is really horrible, but I think you too realised that we just could’nt be friends anymore and that’s why you let go first, or that’s what I believe. They’re my best friends and though they may not ask for things, I’d drop anything for them because they’re the most important people in my life. Just know that I miss you and I don’t hate you and maybe one day we can talk again.

3. Tables are turning. I’m so over you, you’re pretty fucking immature to make it seem like you’re the shit. Hate me, but I’m still an obsession aren’t I?

4. Baby, you’re so unusual. Shocking cause I never knew a love like this could exist. I suppose it’s true when they say opposites attract. I love you so much it hurts sometimes, I know I give alot of shit without taking any crap from you, I’m sorry and I promise to work even harder this year, and you’ll see bigger changes than you saw last year. You really are my rock and sometimes I take you for granted without realising or acknowleding everything you do for us. I’ll grow to be a better person for you forever and ever.

5. You got me all twisted and confused. I’ve come to the realisation that you’re pathetic and fake. You’re confusing and I don’t know how to react or say to  you anymore. I can’t understand you but I think I’ve finally figured you out; you’re insecure and you desperately want to increase popularity, act as a mole, make me jealous or maybe even hurt. Whatever it’s just your full of shit personality and sometimes I want to stay away from you though I can’t so I don’t know how to treat you anymore.

Started new years eve like grannies and played one intense game of POKEMON Monopoly with the besties, testing our frienship. Ugh I hated Bill by the end of it, one wrong landing and I lost 700 PokeMoney.

Gotta Catch ’em All
H getting pissed off and handing over Bill some moneys reluctantly
Sacrificed Starburst Jellybabies since we ran out of houses.


getting crunk on mini vodkas
Our host

The view from Tony’s Terrace





One thought on “bridges are burning, baby i’m learning a new way of thinking

  1. Nice digs by the harbour with awesome views!!! I’m jealous!!!! Usually I camp out at Kirrabilli with the plebs from 11am until midnight getting sunburnt and developing a raw blood thirsty hatred for all humanity in the process! Happy New Year to you ๐Ÿ™‚

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