More than you could ever know, I just want you for my own

Hope everybody had a lovely Christmas, sending wishes of love, prosperity and happiness in the festive season.

Merry Christmas!!

I forgot to take a photo of our family Christmas tree and all our presents under it, we were too eager to open them… so here’s a replacement.
Christmas tree with Swarovski crystals at QVB, also a place with special memories for us.

Christmas Eve was spent with my lovelies which started off with an unbelievable dinner at East Ocean Chinese Restaurant which came to $464.00 for eight of us, $300 just for special fried rice, which meant that each person ate a small bowl of fried rice worth $37 OMG. A mistake on their part which H luckily realised and got them to change the price – apparently the lady did $37 x 8 instead of $3.7 x 8.It wasn’t even that special and was described as "the shit from all the other dishes put into one".  Dessert was at Gelatissimo and then we continued to celebrate our christmas eve at karaoke until the wee hours of the morning.

"I can’t liveeeee, I can’t liveeee anymoreeeee"

Happy Birthday to Coco!!
Who has had a hair cut recently – she received a new blinged out collar and a trio of pig ears, pig trodder and a bone which she absolutely loved!!

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