let me inside, make me stay right here beside you

So i decided to continue with The Entrance trip posts, seeing as I’m not tired yet… due to the fact that I woke up at 12 this morning and then proceeded to take a nap for 4pm for 3hrs…

A day out fishing before Mitch left for Tamworth in the afternoon. Our Team Alpha Super Awesome Cool Dynamite Wolf Squadron were on one boat where we each caught a fish!! Unfortunately the other boat phailed to catch any fish nor any bites. 

Big dongs for everyone
Ayana the Pro caught a fish first!!! The cutest little Bream.
2nd to catch a fish!!
FINALLY a Triumphant Bill with his huge Bream
XM and I both caught our fish within one hour so he practically begged us to stay out for another hour so he could catch a fish… luckily for him he did and he caught the biggest one which stopped us from calling him a loser… We probably could have kept this one instead of catch-and-release since it was about 20cm.
Funny story at the expense of others… whilst our team was getting settled and getting a few nibbles here and there the other boat got stuck in the shallow waters – when the owners specifically told us not to exceed the two green and black buoys, they did. So we look over and see that Simon has gotten out of the boat to push the boat – see how shallow the water is? It doesn’t even go up to his knees. Here I am thinking why don’t both guys get off since … they’re probably the heaviest cause the girls are stick thin and one could pull and the other could push… or something along these lines
But then ALAS the boat got unstuck but unfortunately for S the ground all of a sudden got too deep and he couldn’t stand anymore, and we hear him screaming for help and yelling because he was going to drown… urging D to quickly steer the boat back into the shallow waters. You can see him hanging on for dear life here… and our team is sitting on the boat fishing away and taking photos and laughing… we’re so going to hell. BUT the most hilarious thing ever and was easily the highlight of my day. EPIC FAIL

After fishing and getting totally burnt in the sun (because M said fish won’t bite if they smell sunscreen on the bait) we headed to down to Terrigal for a quick looksee and to pick up some more food for dinner. Had a quick dip in the spa again before dinner and then sang into the wee hours of the night on SingStar where our team of three rocked the mic and kicked the others asses hard.

Lamb and Chicken Kebabs and Roast Potatoes
Pro looking seared scallops with garlic butter
Tasty chicken wings
Hrs and Hrs of non stop hits

Bill with his favourite whiny bitches
And that’s the end of our trip, we didn’t spend much time there as many of us had work on the Monday, so it really only was a weekend away, though at times it felt like eternity. 

This is so painful, I struggled to sleep on my back and put on a bra…
See how I have red patches of sunburn on my leg?

The Aftermath – I’m as dark as a gingerbread man
Remember to always slip, slop, slap, wear a hat and wear a hat. Stupid me, didn’t take the bandaid off my arm and was left with this massive tan on my arm with a perfect band-aid shape which is highly embarassing. I have two options – use some foundation and make up or cover it up with another bandaid.



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