Turning 21 at Wagaya

3parties in 2days = uber tired Ayana

Friday night was my birthday celebration at WAGAYA with a few close friends and it was the best party ever thanks to everyone who made the effort to come and make it an enjoyable night. I loved all the presents from everyone, and the cards were so thoughtful. Bill made this crazy slideshow based on the seven sins that morning so that’s why he ditched me as I bitched about in my previous post. AND best of all was my birthday cake which was made by our family friend, omg it was delicious and so so beautiful I wish I didn’t have to eat it. Food was good, atmosphere good, company good = happy Ayana. The party then continued at K of course. XP

The fluffy Ricotta pancakes Mum made me

Presents from my family The Little Mermaid Gift Set, SingStar Games & Louis Vuitton Galliera GM <3333

Super Duper Excited Ayana with a card from XM      Complimentary Birthday Cocktail with a Sparkler

Sorry too busy mingling to take food photos… people ate it before I could take photos

My darling GF



Isn’t my cake so lovely?? It was delicious too!!! The whipped cream outer layer was divinee

GREED because the one who dies with most stuff wins… strangely theres a tiny KMart logo in the top right hand corner…

Regular hairy sloth does not yell at Bill and is friendly
Ayana rare species of hairless sloth, otherwise known as the ayonuswhen comfortable only mouth mouth to eat, drink or yell at Bill”

“I pity the fool that pities me”

At the bottom it said Ayana fails at LUST


The tiny ring is so cutee

Annie&Lina Thanks for everything, you know me too well with the pretty sparkly vodka

Thanks to everyone for the gorgeous Tom Ford Yvette Sunnies. <333

Thank you Marissa&David I LOVE THIS


Come Saturday morning, I slept the whole day I was so tired, woke up at 3pm to get ready for Emily’s 21st. And omg there was so much food there, loads of salads, pastas, bread rolls, fried rice, noodles, lasagne, potato bake and a whole pig. They had everything, with a bar tab of course and a dancefloor with its own smoke XP Then it was a quick drive to Ranald’s 21st to drop J&I off and say hi to everyone and then we drove H home. Since it was still relatively early though B came over for a SingStar session with my sister included =)

Janice Emily and I at her Bling Bling themed 21st

The HUGE pig

8 thoughts on “Turning 21 at Wagaya

    • I know! I went crazy when I woke up to be presented with the biggest LV box everr but dear mother replaced the bag with the dvds and games and chocolates and biscuits!!
      how cute of her, of course she later gave me the bag. hehe

    • The black dress in the 3rd to last photo?

      I’m wearing the AA Double U Neck Dress with a black Pleasure State bra but I made the straps the longest length so that the back of the bra wouldn’t show… must admit I have gone bra-less with that dress though, but its so tight it seems to hold everything up 😉
      You should try a strapless bra (though the back of the bra may show) or a stick-on bra.

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