Yuki’s at the Quay

21 today!!

Mum woke me up with presents and my favourite Bill’s Ricotta Hotcakes with Strawberries and drizzled in icing sugar and maple syrup =) I bet it was to butter me up since she woke me up bright and early because L was going to school and E went to the Ksubi sale. I love my family… I thought my dad wouldn’t know me so well but he knows me the so so well even if we aren’t very close.

Last night we went to Yuki’s at the Quay at the Overseas Passenger Terminalfor dinner, and it was so good, one of the best Japanese I’ve had. The food was so good, everything was as fresh as possible!! The oysters and the sashimi were better than at the fish markets and omg just good okay. The wagyu beef was so tender we couldn’t eat anough of it. The waitresses were so polite and so attentive that each time we finished a meal they’d swoop down before I put my chopsticks down to clear the table for our next course. They even took a really nice photo for us without the flash!! During dinner I realised the table behind us was Paul Mac (Australian DJ sort of thing) and Bill didn’t believe me because he’s fatter than before. But after Bill did some extensive eavesdropping he confirmed it was Paul Mac and apparently they were talking about SIlverchair too.

Oysters – Red Wine Vinairgarette, Cucumber Sauce, Soy Based
These were so fresh I absolutely loved them especially the soy based.

Assorted Sashimi – *drool* SO SO FRESH
the tuna was also like ootoro

Lobster with Sweet Chilli Sauce

Grilled Beef Fillet with Garlic Chips
This was unbelievably tender and so tasty with a hint of Ponzu in the sauce as well. YUMMMM
They also pre-cut them into small bite size portions which was a plus for lazy people like us. How considerate!

Old Fashioned Creme Caramel – PURIN!!! Just the way I like it

Sesame Blanc Manger

Why herro we from oversee my engrish not so goo

Check out my hardcore bandaid on my arm (it’s from the cervical cancer shot which killed the liquid was so viscous and thick I could feel it running in my veins)
We’ll definately return =)

10 thoughts on “Yuki’s at the Quay

    • haha thanks!!
      Though the lobster had a sauce which was like sweet and sour pork?

      I put my camera on self-timer so I had to run in wedges in 10secs to make the shot.

  1. “Why herro we from oversee my engrish not so goo”

    Hahaha, I lolled 🙂 Happy 21st Birthday to you!!!! Man… to be 21 again…. *dream*

    Food looks terrific and it reminds me that my stomach is probably due to go get topped up with sushi again!!! 🙂

    • hahah Thank you!!
      it’s time I started acting like an adult now…

      Mmm I love eating sushi and sashimi when I’m feeling fat haha, makes me feel healthier

    • thanks!!!
      Everything was so so so fresh, and the oysters were so good (usually I don’t eat alot of oysters) but you expect it since its so pricey here.


    I’m actually not a fan of seafood but DAMN your photos look SO GOOD!

    By the way, your comment about the cervical cancer shot freaks me out 😦 I’ve been meaning to get it but I always hear bad stuff about it from anyone, like… nausea/dizziness/headaches afterwards. I’m too scared to get it!

    • Thank you!!

      You should definately get it while its free!! I was scared of the side effects too because I usually feel dizziness and headaches from the tetanus or meningacoccal ones from school, but from this one I was just sleepy? And amazingly the pain in the arm only lasts a short time compared to the other ones I’ve had.

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