Last week Mum and I went to Miso for lunch since I was craving the Tuna and Natto Don. It was delicious!! And had lots of huge chunks of tuna, I swear they put more natto (fermented soy beans) than what is usually in the tiny individual packs. I love natto, but its a real love it or hate it food, I know Bill hates it but eats it anyway because I get mad if he doesn’t. XP He hates the sticky slimy feel of it, this sounds gross but trust me its actually really good and healthy!! We also ordered the Miso Katsu Don Set which had Pork Katsu made without fat but still retaining the juicyness of the meat.

Later that day I had … a second lunch at Hurstville’s Colonnade Cafe with Bill since I had to give his keys back or something and I didn’t want him to know I already had a lunch before so I just ate again. We always come here when we’re at Hurstville I love their Vegetarian Breakfast, Grilled Baby Octopus Salad and Mediterranean Foccacia. It was our lucky day too, next to us were a table of maybe 6-8 adults and 2 small children which instead of paying for their own bill (which was probably huge since they each had a huge main) paid for ours instead!! It’s the waiters fault really because he got Table 5 and Table 5a confused, and I guess the group didn’t correct him when he charged them because they repeat everything you ordered when you pay. So when we finally went to pay our bill, they coulnd’t find our bill and realised the large group paid for our meal instead of their own… here I panicked and began to shit myself thinking they were gonna make us pay for the large groups meal (asif any place would make you do that but yeh I still thought it). But when we asked if we could just pay for what we ate they informed us that there was nothing they could to and told us to just leave and the meal was free. YAY! We were so satisfied!!
I was even more satisfied when he bought me the very last

Bangers&Mash – you could really taste the red wine in the sauce

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