shopping and eating my way through Sydney

I’m so bored today so here come lots and lots of food… seems since I’ve gotten back from the outskirts of Sydney I’ve been itching to shop and eat til I drop.

Thursday visited Caliniere Cafe after shopping on Oxford St. I love this place… I think its pretty good value for money and the calamari is delicious and the burgers are wholesome and hooge. The club sandwich is better than the one at Vaby’s! The bread slices are so big and with everything inside (tomato, lettuce, avocado, chicken, bacon, cheese) it doesn’t fit into my mouth and had to consider making it a normal sandwich – omg and it has an egg! Also had the Calamari Salad with Red Wine Vinageretter and its the best one I’ve had anywhere!! The dressing wasn’t overpowering and didn’t drench all the leaves and the calamari were perfection, so soft and there were heaps as well!! And dessert was Gelatissimo Lemon Cheesecake with real bits of cookies! It was so nice, pity I didn’t asl to taste test the other cheesecake flavours.

Calamari Salad
Check out the bacon rolls omg
HOOGE plate for like $13

Piggin out

Saturday was yet another day of full on shopping for me, I was so tired and I even had a blister on my big toe! Luckily P drove us homee. Basically we went everywhere Chinatown, Myer, DJ’s, Town Hall, Pitt St Mall ugh. We stayed out all day so decided to have an early dinner at Mamak which as per usual was very busy and very very good. I though we ordered way too much but surprisingly we finished everything except a few pieces of Sambal Sotong the calamari in sambal sauce which was way too spicy for us this time. The chicken satay sticks were sooo good and came with cucumer and spanish onion to dip in the satay sauce as well, though the beef sticks were too tough and overcooked. My favourite was the roti canai with the two curries and the chicken curry since the chicken was sooo soft and came off the bone oh so easily. Dessert was Roti Tisu with condensed milk instead of ice cream. It was the first time trying this and it was sooo good, a crispy withces hat of roti with caramelised butter and condensed milk was heaven with the saltiness and sweetness.

Break from shopping with a Summer Splash from New Zealand Natural
Goodies from DJ’s, TBS, Prada, Boss, Armani Exchange
Mee Goreng
Roti Canai
Calamari in fiery Sambal Sauce – boy was this hot it made me eat a whole plate of rice
Curry Chicken so tender so gooooood
Nasi Lemak
Cendol – looks unappetising but really nice coconut juice and sugary starchy contents and shaved iceee


I fell asleep on the way home and woke up to find myself alone in the car, the boys went off into SImon’s place. So lonely me did some cam-whoring.

Same as my carr except with better interior. Boo Hiss
Just woke up



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