can’t read my, can’t read my, no he can’t read my pokerface

It’s currently 1:02am and I am extremely tired and for those that know me, know that my bedtime is 11pm latest BUT I’ve been back in Sydney for a few days now, but I’ve been extremely lazy or too busy (take your pick) to upload any photos or update anything, so I decided now would be a good time to do a little post before I forget what we did and also since I’ll be heading off to The Entrance in another few days.

On our trip to Nelson’s Bay I woke up extremely early to make some food for a our trip including mini Earl Grey Tea Chiffon Cakes, various Onigiri and Edamame and others brought the essential Grain Waves, Starburst and cans of V. Indeed we got lost along the way but arrived quite early and found our penthouses had been upgraded since our previous visit last year with sexy new lounges, an extra pull out bed, nicer carpet, artwork on the walls and a brand spankin new flatscreen – perfect since the boys brought a PS3 with SingStar. After settling in dinner was a shitload of Pizza and Beer XP.




Our first attraction – oh nooou a whale beached as bro. Headed over to One Mile Beach for a BBQ lunch but unfortunately the bbq area was no where to be seen except for this dodgy little hut bbq in the middle of a carpark… so off to Dutchman’s Bay and SUCCESS! A BBQ area next to the bay where we had an awesome bbq with onions + capscicums, chicken sausages (my fave), beef sausages, soft fluffy bread rolls, chicken wings, shitloads of prawns and various chicken kebabs. DELICIOUS. Janice and I also attempted to surprise Helen with her birthday present but we failed miserably and she nearly caught me holding the present because I was stupidly running behind her not realising it was her in front of me. -___- The boys also enjoyed torturing pesky flies here… capturing flies in plastic cups and leaving a cigarette burning in them which knocked the flies out… cruel … moreso when they pulled the wings off the flies so that when they woke up they are unable to escape. Oh well, apparently they only live for five days so stop the boo hiss.




So for breakfast I made awesome pancakeesss with honey and we hit up the steam as as per usual, then decided to have another BBQ lunch with our remaining steaks and sausages. It was at Anna Bay where we successfully surprised Helen with her present as B and I rushed to build some sandcastles and a moat, J dashed over to draw a message in the sand all while Big J held Helen back. SUCCESS finally… we were glad to get it over and done with since Helen wondered what was in my Mimco dust bag and got pissed at us when we left or had to retrieve "forgotten sunscreen and towels". This night we also had an "official" birthday dinner at the Rock Lobster which tried to charge us $20 for bringing a birthday cake… so another obstacle was getting the ice cream cake from BR to our rooms without Helen noticing. And we ended the night we lots and lots of drining, a game of Poker which I WON despite not knowing what the hell I was doing and a freakin crazy game of Kings in which I had to drink the Kings cup so basically I was the LOSER.



Before heading back to Sydney, stopped over the Inner Light Tea House for some brunch run by a few old ladies and decorated with quriky signs and a Nelson Bay history museum next door. [unfortunately for J she found a furry green catepillar in her salad accompanying her Salmon Melt very very fresh lettuce XP]


A week of R&R with a side of binge drinking…
                                                             worst photo ever I look like I have mumps                                                                                                                        our matching clothes and PA pyjamas

Although the weather wasn’t cooperating with us we had fantastic BBQs, some fun at the beaches, awesome drinking games and many memorable moments. Much love to you all for making it so much fun and thanks for organising everything BJ and hope you had as much fun as we did H.



4 thoughts on “can’t read my, can’t read my, no he can’t read my pokerface

    • Thanks!!

      I think these were the best bbqs we’ve ever had as a group. Since our previous one’s usually fail whether the food we bought wasn’t good or we’d leave essential bread rolls and sauces and such.

      We actually marinated the steak with Mi Goreng sauce satchels (boys idea) which I thought was ingenious! haha

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