So the string of exams have finally begun for me but after a mere two exams I took a break XP for some “essential” shopping and for a much needed girls night out. After my 45min Pathology exam.. caught up with my babe for some serious shopping, killing both our feet and our credit cards. Angie got so tired in her tiny tiny kitten heels, she impulse bought a new pair of flats… obaachan. We both realised when Angie and I shop together we’re too consumed on getting straight into the shopping we usually forget to eat and end up starving by dinner time, we ended up skipping lunch so when we DID have time to eat we would’ve been too full to enjoy our dinner.

Part of our haul of the day – probably the most we’ve spent in day together?

Peter Alexander Knit Cardi Gown &  Pilgrim Sahara Boho Top
Pilgrim Marcia Sateen Blazer & Tony Bianco Madrid Flats

Wittner Olive heels they’re super comfy and with really nice calf leather.

Our “Friday night live” started off with dinner at Pony Dining down at the Rocks . We were seated on the communal table in their alfresco area, which would’ve been great on a midsummer’s night but unfortunately for us it started raining and even though it was a covered area we all got wet during our meals. We even saw one girl holding an umbrella whilst eating… BUT the food was really great. Delicious

Grilled Italian Flatbread with Smokey Eggplant and White Bean Dip
(it had a familiar taste to it which Heln got.. the dip tastes similar to Pide fillings)

Lamb Cutlets and Croquette, Confit Mushrooms, Rocket and Hazelnut

Pan-fried Gnocchi, Prawns, Confit Tomato, Basil and Garlic Oil

Scallop Tortellini, Citrus Butter Sauce, Trout Roe Caviar and Herb Salad
(OMG this was SO GOOD a whole scallop inside the tortellini and the roe was so niceeeee
the best dish – my hands are shaking too eager to try it)

Rib-Eye, Layered Potato Cake, Wilted Spinach with Red Wine Sauce
(The rib eye was Angus certified and sooo hugee with just enough fat – DELICIOUS)

Passionfruit Creme Brulee with Almond and Citrus Biscotti

Summer Fruit Trifle with Almond Sponge and Berry Compote and Chapel Hill Rose Wine

After Pony Dining we browsed the Rocks Markets by Moonlight before popping into Alan’s 21st and ending the night with a few quiet drinks at Equilibrium bar.

Prior to hardcore-nerding-it-up, I did have one other day of shopping… window shopping trying on a few pairs of Tom Ford and Chloe sunnies, bikinis, loading up with some magazines and a relaxing lunch at the Sanctuary Hotel.

Lightly Battered Calamari with Namjin Sauce
(these look like KFC popcorn chicken but they’re soo soft and tender YUM)

Linguini with Grilled Prawns, Chilli, Rocket and Lemon
It was nicee but there was WAY too much olive oil for me to enjoy it without feeling gross

THIS IS THE BEST – the steak was so so tender and the toast WAS’NT soggy
Double Decker BBQ Steak Sandwich New York Style with chips

Though exams and studying always go hand in hand with procrastination… in the form of eating and many many bathroom breaks for me.

Sweet and Sour Pork

Chocolate Walnut Brownie – I was craving chocolate cake so badd I just had to make this… before I could study effectively =)

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