Sydney Fish Markets

Quick photo post because I’m so sleepy, didn’t get enough sleep last night that I fell asleep during my neuroscience lecture, my 2hr break and half of my microscope tutorial…
The weekend weather was so lovely!! So to make the most of the sun we headed out for a nice lunch at the Fish Markets consisting of a cold seafood platter of lobsters and prawns, tuna sashimi, pacific oysters with Tetsuya vinaigarette and a single soft shell crab(because we wanted to be healthy and not eat any fried foods). We then went to check out the 2008 Motor Show although many of the European car companies withdrew from it after the US stock market crash. It was pretty much the same as the other years though… the most fun I had was at the RTA stand XP while the boys wanted to play the car games while using the cars steering wheels and pedals.
Dinner was at Wagaya after a 30min wait, this place is huge and the service is oh-so fast...our first orders came while we were still deciding our other dishes!!! We gobbled up a small AND large sushi platter, three crab chawanmushi (this is my absolute favourite egg dish and it was sooo goood), mentaiko spaghetti, mentaiko pizza and some salad i can’t remember. We also wanted the sushi roulette but it wouldn’t have been fun because for one I don’t eat salmon sashimi and H doesn’t eat sashimi.  The night ended with of course a karaoke session with the guys.


the only fried food we had that day

cruising with my babe

little pinky

eco cars

Off to bed and to get you out of my mind.


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