And so the long awaited long weekend has just kicked off to a dreary start…looks like Mother Nature hates us all
So rather than go somewhere lovely for the long weekend I’ve decided to stay home and do some work… atempt to …I was initially planning drive up to visit the Good Living Growers Markets during GFM but the rain and grey clouds changed my mind. Instead I finished up some reports for uni and dangerously checked out the Chanel Spring Summer 2009 Collection…. omg divine loved the backdrop!!

The week that was…
Yesterday was so hot and humid, the air was so thick I couldn’t breathe, it made me feel dirty all day. For lunch Mum made Hiyashi Chuuka – my absolute favourite ramen! Also received a care package from Grandma which of course included a truckload of Japanese cookies and sweets and two YSL mini towel pack and cult pens Pilot Frixion – they’re erasable by friction because they use thermo-sensitive ink pretty cool huh? Apparently everyone in Japan carries a pack of eight colours so she each got us a pack of eight how sweet!! They’re also available in Australia though…
Last night attended Sylvia’s 21st Sports themed birthday party – I made a poor attempt to dress “sporty” and it turned out preppy golf player looking/cheerleader. Anyhoo it was an awesome night!! with heaps of clever party games to keep us entertained. From what I can remember there were  6teams and 7 games… losers of each game had to eat a slice of onion. Our team unfortunately lost the 2nd game “Swallow that Shit” where we each had to skull a cup of water in relay and place the cup over our heads upside down… I thought we were really fast but apparently not fast enough so our team each had to eat a slice of onion… gross… BUT before I got my onion slice I ran off to get some water (cause I wanted to swallow it) and by the time I came back everyone had an onion and Kiren the ref had left SO I DIDNT HAVE TO EAT AN ONION SUCK SHIT. Another game was “Next Top Newspaper Model”… incredibly embarassing game where you create a dress from newspapers, masking tape and a rope, then proceed to do a catwalk with an annoucner. OH OH and we actually won the last game “Walk the Plank” which was pretty much a balancing game so kudos to WiiFit so we all got gold medals! Yay, the other team thought we were ninjaass (I heard them say so). More photos to come… I was too busy participating to take many XP

golf with mandarins

Gillian Jasmine and I

Next Top Newspaper Model

WINNNARHHHH who didnt have to suffer onions

Thursday night I met up with Helen for some late night shopping, ended up with nothing but seriously full stomachs from a dinner at Musashi. :9
Oh I saw Jodi Gordon shopping at Myer that night… she looked like she was shopping furiously rushing off to different levels but she looked gorgeous, with her glowing skin!. Anyhoo isn’t she supposed to be in Melbourne for DWTS? Or did she get kicked off already. Funnily my sister Erina went to Manly beach that day and saw Paul O Brien (they’re on screen loverrs).

Sashimi Platter – theres two oysters on the other side too

An impressive donburi with seafood and beef

Tofu Steak and Green Tea Creme Brulee

Musashi Blue

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