Blue Eye Dragon

I haven’t gone out in so long that I had a hangover from drinking a can of Mother… how pathetic.

The weekend started off with spending the whole of Saturday celebrating Angie’s 20th. It started off with brunch with the besties at the Lindt Cafe overlooking Cockle Bay and boy it was hot. I had a really good Vegetarian Country Loaf toasted sandwich with Danish feta, sundried tomatoes, rocket and mushrooms and some other stuff that made it so good, and an iced tea which was too sweet with honey. For dessert I had an Excellence 70% Delice Macaroon and a Coconut Macaroon which we were so good.

To cool off from the blistering heat we headed to Canterbury Ice Rink for a session of ice skating – now I absolutely hate ice skating, we used to frequent it back in my hey day in yr 7/8 when Bill and I started dating since he loves ice skating – freaking show off. I’m so scared of falling on my ass at the rink or crashing into people and having my fingers sliced off even though their skates aren’t sharp enough. But to my suprise I didn’t fall once and I actually moved well away from the ledge and I must admit I was pretty daymn good!

Now after ice skating we wanted to suprise Angie with her birthday present and her Tiffany&Co inspired green tea ice cream cake, so I had to drive extra slow to Janice’s house where we were to suprise her, which was a pretty hard thing to do since it takes seven minutes from the ice rink to her house according to the GPS. SO I decided to take my time, drive slowly and go around Beverly Hills, and what does Bill say in the car “Take a DETOUR” in front of Angie, stupid ass. And while I’m taking a detour Helen calls Angie telling us to hurry up… and we’re all thinking why she’s telling us to hurry up especially through Angie… well it turned out that she was supposed to call Bill but dialled Angie instead and the ice cream cake was melting so we had to hurry… dramamama.

So after the mini celebration at Janice’s, the girls got ready since we then had a dinner reservation at a Taiwanese Restaurant Blue Eye Dragon in Pyrmont so drove out to the city again. It’s a small restaurant right at the end of Harris St, and there really isn’t much around there but the restaurant is always packed and theres always so many people in cocktail dresses and suits waiting outside. It was my second time here and it was so much better than last time – probably because we ordered more interesting foods than last time (last time we didn’t get to order as many seafood dishes as many of my work mates were too scared to try some of the dishes eg. Jade’s Blood Plum) We opted for the Mixed Banquet Menu with 10 courses for $50 instead of the Seafood 10 course Banquet because our waitress recommended it and I’m so glad we listened to her because the Eye Fillet dish was so so soooo good. omg I can’t wait to go again or even buy their own cook book coming out soon. The stand out dishes were the definately the Eye Fillet in Black Pepper Sauce, Calamari Rolls with Salted Duck Egg and Seaweed and QLD Scallops, they were so good, I’m salivating thinking about these dishes.

The night wasn’t over yet though because the party continued well into the next morning at KMix, and omg I have missed you karaoke. I couldn’t drink since I was driving home that night but I still had so much fun, oh and this is when I drank ONE MOTHER and woke up the next morning with a hangover… yeh I couldn’t it believe it myself.

do you love my Paul Frank hobo glovees? and sexxy skatees

Calamari Rolls with Salted Duck Egg and Seaweed

Lettuce Wraps with Prawns and Pinenuts   &    Pork Dumplings with Ginger, Chives, Shallots

Oysters with House Spicy Garlic Sauce

Deep Fried Chicken with Basil and Chinese Five Spices &  Prawns with Jade’s Bloody Plum Sauce

Eye Fillet in House Black Pepper Sauce

Salt and Pepper Soft Shell Crab

Tofu Stuffed with Pork Mince and Prawns on a Hot Plate & QLD Scallops in House XO Sauce and Vegetables


why I’m punching my face I don’t know

Idiots – Heln Jase Ranald

I hope you had alot of fun babe, and have so much to celebrate for and i-i-i-i-i-i will always loveeee yoooouhhh <33

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