The Tea Room at QVB

Met up with my dearest girlfriend Angina for afternoon tea at The Tea Room in QVB, since we wanted to catch up over some “nice food”. The room is absolutely beautiful with the high ceilings, soft comfy chairs and gold mirrors with cherubs. Our high tea arrived in gorgeous Royal Albert china matching the tea cups, to the three-tiered platter and the plate for cream and jam. We indulged in an egg salad sandwich and ham sandwich and omg this divine egg tart – it was so so soooo goood so soft fulffy inside in a crispy shell, then a huge scone and spinach and feta pastry and an assortment of cakes – chocolate (too rich for me), passionfruit, pistachio meringue (this was so yummy abit like ice cream) and a strawberry tart. Angie ordered an Assam tea and for me a Lapsang Souchong which was incredibly smoky and earthy but really nice. Our little tea party lasted about 3hrs, having a D&M and gossiping. It was great to catch up <33 Then we spent the rest of the day shopping and all we ended up with was a cute Alannah Hill headband, since Angie broke hers playing “doctor” with Alan…

This was delicious! but way too small I could eat this the size of a pie

Alannah Hill China Doll headband – so girly and cute I love it!

I was too tired to do any work when I came home so I just started to decoden various things around the house, my mothers mirror fell victim and so did my ancient ipod nano. And helped mum cook dinner, 30 gyozas – my favourite.

March of Gyozas

The NDSLite case was a present for Angie ❤ 


4 thoughts on “The Tea Room at QVB

  1. I’ve always wondered what the difference was between Gyozas and the Fried Shanghai Dumplings. Is the filling different? I kill both with so much vinegar that they end up tasting the same to me… heh! 🙂

    • hm I’m not sure, I think the filling in gyoza is more simple?? and the skin is thinner? I find I can only eat a few fried dumplings but a whole plate of gyozas
      I love vinegar too, I could drink it like that but mum says I’ll have a heart attack… I love crab with vinegar too!

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