So I took the day off uni today and woke up super duper early to finish off my Pathology assessment which was freakin hard might I add. But somehow I ended up kicking back with my parents watching the live MTV VMA’s, we even made a bowl of popcorn (This is how my family rollss XP) I didn’t think Britney’s opening was great, I thought it was stupid but I did like Jona from Superbad making an appearance and Chris later on with Slipknot. There were so many performances rather than awards (I’m one of the people who think the awards were rigged I mean Britney won 3awards! for Piece of Me and these were the first VMA’s shes won) And omg when the Twilight cast came out to introduce the Paramore performance, Russell Brand talked during Robert Pattinsons cue and he didn’t get to talk at all FMD!

Luckily I finished my assessment 5hrs early (I kid you not) so I drove over Bills place to give him New Moon and we also watched Jeux d’enfants Love Me if you Dare again since it was only $10 at JB HiFi. I absolutely loved this movie it made me laugh and cry, its so suprising right from the beginning even as innocent children and such a remarkable love story- fantasyish with realism. I really felt for Sophie and Julien and really felt the complexity of their emotions and characters through the colours and the ‘game’. Oh I loved the treasure box and the Piaf song too. I reckon Guillaume Canet looks a bit like Patrick Dempsey non?

Tonight I tuned in to watch Beverly Hills 90210 since I watched the older series with my mum when I was younger and I don’t know if I like it just yet… usually I get into dramas straight away but mehh… Annie is way way too skinny she looks like a lollipop and none of the guys really catch my eye.. I think I’ll stick to Gossip Girl. Also caught Project Runway Australia and I love Leigh and all his mannerisms!! I especially loved Leigh’s wedding dress last week, but this week they had to each make their own collection of 10pieces and I really loved the detail Juli put into all her outfits but I didn’t like the rhinestones… can’t wait till the finale… then I watched Shear Genius… I seriously cannot live without Foxtel

My dad recently brought home 3 cases of tiny alcholic drinks Chu Hai with either Lemon, Peach or Grape flavours and they’re so addictive!! They’re not too strong and not very big so it’s so easy to drink after dinner with dessert or while watching a movie with the family. But I feel so fat after I drink each one and feel a little guilty…

Breakfast – three layers of pancakes with strawberries and whipped cream (too indulgent I know)

Dessert – Shiratama with Fruits (Grapefruit, Strawberries, Oranges, Pineapples) in Honey

What’s your poision?

4 thoughts on “Noms

  1. pancakes are really tasty too I made them from a korean mix from a korean convinience store they taste so much better than the ones from Coles haha
    the cupcakes were from The Cupcake Bakery at The Ivy, I really like the chilli chocolate cupcake from there gives me a good zhng!

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