Tourist in my own city

The weather was pretty nice today so I decided to venture out of the confines out of the house… only to go to the Australian Museum. I was meaning to go when the Dinosaurs exhibition first came out but I never had the chance, or was bothered to walk to Museum. They’ve changed alot of the museum now, they don’t have the Mummy area or the natural histories area with all the cavemen and gorillas, but they still had the search&discover area and a brand spankin new Surviving Australia exhibition. The Dinosaurs were amazing, so ginormous and they had freaky models of birds/dinosaurs from the jurassic era. I’m not sure if it was new but thay had a whole level with stuffed birds, which totally freaked me out since I have a bird phobia – ranging from tiny wrens to emus, I had goosebumps all over especially since they have birds in flight as well.

For lunch we headed up to my absolute favourite cafe in Sydney, La Renaissance at the Rocks. Its this quaint place with an outdoor courtyard but it was packed to the rafters XP with a huge line going outside. My dad used to bring us here every weekend to pick up some cakes, it was only later that I had their savoury food and it is absolutely scrumptiouss!! We had a sausage roll and a beef in burgundy pie and they were so good, they’re hand made with REAL beef and veal and wrapped in this oh so good buttery golden pastry. Picked up Larme de Gaugin and Mousse Van Gogh cake cupcakes for Fathers Day on the way homee. OH we ate some huge chocolate dipped strawberries from the Rocks Markets and I bought some rhinestones there too to bling up my NDS with.

Doesn’t this look like the animal from Ice Age?  Megafauna Diprotodon optatum weighing 2700kg!

Cutest/Smartest kid taking a photo of his own hand against the dinosaur claw!!   Vanilla cupcake with 4custard puffs on top!

Straight out of my nightmares… the weird bird with 4 legs not the dinosaurs
The Demon Duck of Doom (below)

yumm flaky goodness

Happy Father’s Day!

4 thoughts on “Tourist in my own city

  1. Mmmm, I love La Renaissance. Reminds me that I have to pay them at least one more visit before I leave Sydney!

    Have you tried their Ham & Cheese Croissants? They are an absolute MUST to try. It’s very unlike a normal H&CC and is made with some creamy sauce that they make. Divine! 🙂 Probably the best thing there IMHO!

    • but when you move to Singapore you’ll be able to eat authentic Nasi Lemak I love it!
      OH stared at it longingly but I’ve never had the H&CC, to be honest I thought it was too boring to try haha, but I will try it next time!! I’ve also always wanted to try the Gateau St Honore too.

  2. Photo

    Hi there!
    That’s an awesome panoramic museum pic!
    Can I ask how you took it?
    Do you usually leave flash on or off? Or is it a mode?
    I’d love to take pics like that!

    • Re: Photo

      I used the panoramic mode on my canon860is without the flash on.
      It’s the stitch mode and it puts it all together for me so pretty easy to use.

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