let’s get wrecked on pop tarts and sex and see the Taj Mahal

Boo. I’m getting fat.

My family has been eating alot lately and I mean alot for breakfast lunch and dinner, and the downside is they’re not always healthy contrary to belief us Japanese eat healthily.

For breakfast I’m usually eating a huge bowl of rice with pickles, kiriboshi daikon and lots of japanese side dishes. Also been eating a shitload of yaki-onigiri (they’re the best)
Saturday – Tempura feast with the whole shebang prawns, veges, crab
Sunday – Yakitori Chicken [this was delicious!! so good!! the right amount of meat and fats]
Monday – Roast Pork [so soft and tender and perfect with english mustard]
Tuesday – Grilled Kingfish
Wednesday – Grilled Salmon
Thursday – Ginger Pork
All these meals came with side dishes of sashimi, sunomono and konyaku. And then dessert of Black Sesame Ice Cream.

Now you might not think these meals are very filling but you havent seen the portions we eat and we can’t even finish it and I always eat way too much than my belly can hold.

In other news I just watched the trailer for Twilight on ET this afternoon and suprisingly Robert Pattinson who did nothing for me as Cedric Diggory BUT as Edward Cullen omgosh he makes me hot like gelati. Team Edward!

Bill borrowed my Twilight series to read and I told him not to get his hopes but because alot of the reviews haven’t been very good for Breaking Dawn. Personally I thought all the books were similar and Breaking Dawn was fine, maybe not enough action for my liking but I loved the ending… maybe because I’m a girl and not a sadist. Maybe it makes a difference when you read all the books one at a time as opposed to all at once? 

So during my break I did one of my favourite past times … Youtube to find some sexy behind the scenes of Edward Cullen and lo and behold I found some crazy fan’s rants angry about people hating on the Twilight books and I literally laughed till I cried. She’s seriously scary and left me speechless… very opinionated which isn’t a bad thing, I hate people who aren’t passionate and she’s definately passionate. I thought she went abit overboard but then I found out shes frickin crazzzy and lame…

teehee her user name is nutty madam… and she definately is
this is lameee


4 thoughts on “let’s get wrecked on pop tarts and sex and see the Taj Mahal

    • haha yeh the kingfish from the night before was the same size too!! and our family of 5 couldn’t finish both of them so we ended up giving some to our dog XP

  1. omg HAHAHAH what a nut case!!
    I couldn’t watch all of it… I had to stop.
    but yeahhh, omgosh I’m reading the series now and knowing what Edward looks like makes it 100x better. hahah

    • haha!! she has sooo sooo many different videos on each of the books.
      yess Edward is so charming and a real gentleman ommg he makes my heart melt haha I’m majorly crushing on him and i sound like a stupid teenager -_-

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