Bill’s 22nd

So uni begins after a very very eventful week, which culminated last night. long post ahead…

From the beginning…with the return of my love Angieee, the girls and I have been seeing each other everyday. The gang had a play date with Tigger, the cutest ginger kitten, the only cat I will ever love. He has the most hugest belly and it’s so cute when compared to the rest of his tiny body. And when he looks at you with his adoring eyes, it just makes your heart melt, even though he gave me a huge scratch on my forehead and a few on my index finger which actually bled and gave me a hole in my sock. Bad poo.

We had brunch at Broadway on Tuesday where I discovered the yummiest scones ever from Bakers Delight – the wholemeal, oats and honey scones – they were delish and so naturally sweet you don’t need any butter, jam or whipped cream.. although whipped cream makes everything taste much better. I’ve tried to find these scones at the Bakers Delight near my area but they never stock them, they only have the traditional and choc mud scones much to my disappointment. So yesterday I actually DROVE to Broadway and bought half a dozen of them. After brunch we took Angie and Alan to Taronga Zoo since they have’nt been before and to celebrate Alans 22nd birthday, although we weren’t so kind to him… peer pressuring him into riding the cable car when he’s deathly afraid of heights…but that’s what friends are for overcoming fears XP [he had a really bad headache afterwards] Headed over to Chatswood for dinner at Iwa and had a divine tuna tartare omgosh it was so good. My seafood en papillote was a bit of a disappointment as I was expecting something more refreshing but instead it was spicy and much like a korean dish.

We had hotpot the next night at Janice’s place. Dumplings, fish tofu, fish balls and meats galoreee. Helen and I went crazy and bought too much food for the three of us so luckily the guys came over later to help us clean up the food. Ended up in Brighton for dessert but Eurobar was closed. Poo. But we still had so much fun eating hot pot, with each of us or just me… eyeing the food, guarding it so no one else takes it before I do.
The next few nights were then spent in the very very private rooms of… K’Mix for some hardcore karaoke.  We also held a  suprise birthday party for Bill on Friday which turned out better than expected since we caught him completley offguard and unawares. The girls and their boys bought him a new slim and lite PSP with a few games while I gave him a Tiffany&Co ring and chain ❤ We all ate a delicious strawberry cheesecake, the cream in it was absolutely heavenly.

The next morning on Bills 22nd birthday we headed up to the Fish Markets for some brunch and oh my gawd it was so divine. Luckily the weather was so nice and warm when we were sitting on the grass eating our mountain of goodies. I brought Bill here so he could taste the freshest and nicest oysters with the divine Tetsuya oyster dressing. Bill loves oysters and always orders them when we eat out at restaurants but I’m too chicken shit to eat the oysters at restuarants just in case they’re not good and I hate it so much I’ll never eat it again. But that’s just me. The fish markets didn’t disappoint, we got Pacific Oysters from Stephens Bay? and Lobster Mornay and Scallops from Christies and some fresh tuna sashimi [because I hate salmon] from Claudios. The oysters tasted so good I wanted more and the tuna just melted in your mouth. In the afternoon we went out to Sexpo to check out all the fuss. We checked out the newest toys and beds and kinky outfits and discovered that the chocolate body paint actually tastes really good, I always had this image in my mind that the chocolate was probably disgusting like army chocolate but it wasnt. The highlight probably would’ve been Pricasso- international artisit using erm the male gentalia. But his portraits were really good even though he took a really long time to draw them, I couldnt help but think how he could draw with it all day.. like wouldnt it hurt… constantly slapping against canvas…? The biggest turn off was the porn star who was wearing a wig.. but then took it off and revealed she had a shaved head omgosh it was such a shocker… We then had dinner with the family at Hurstville eating really tasty crab mm.

Bill keeps telling me I’ve been really spoilt the past week, getting to eat out so much and spending time with everyone I love…
Not to mention the days or mornings I was actually free I usually spent them with my mum shopping and eating at the city. I’ve bought various clothes some hoodies, a Mimco bag, and a few Elle Macpherson Initimates so now I have the bra and panties set in every colours. Love em. We ate at TonTon produced by Azuma at Chifley Plaza and I loved their mini bentos!! They sell takikomi gohan which is my absolute favourite but I’ve never been to a Japanese restaurant that sells it, so I only eat it when we make it at home. It also came with wafu too, which was choc full of soft vegetables.  One of our recent eats was also at Yama at QVB where I had a Tempura and Sushi Set, which I found to be okay not that great the Tempura tare was way too sweet for my liking and the sushi was basically all salmon and it was pretty pricey.

Okayy I’m off to do some light reading… neuroscience in fact… cellular and developmental neuroscience.


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  1. hiii 🙂 im really glad to have found your journal (found you through, ) because your journal looks like a LOT of fun 🙂

    i hope you dont mind me adding you 🙂

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