Gold Coast

So as soon as our exams were over, it was time for a long needed stress free weekend getaway… which actually turned out to be a week long getaway but who’s complaining. Now the only stress we feel is saving up for our next trip and our exam results *gulp* but I’ll leave them for later…

It was off to the Gold Coast with the besties and our boys to escape the dreaful winter in Sydney.  The weather was amaziiinng, it’s only north of N.S.W but the mornings were so warm and I didn’t need my electric blanket to sleep at night. We did the what the usual turistas do; it was Dreamworld, Wet n Wild and Movieworld before heading back home to work our butts off.
Dreamworld was crazy, it was my 2nd time there so I didn’t feel the need to try every ride out and feel sick afterwards. I loved the new motorcycle ride it was so much fun and so different.
Wet n Wild was pretty much the same as next time, we found out the heavier the group the more thrilling the ride in the donuts are. Bill always made our donut go really fast XP
Movieworld was so gay… the Scooby Doo ride broke down after we waited in line for 40minutes. and that was the ride I was looking forward to riding again, it was so much fun last time now i feel shitted when I think about it. The Superman ride was as awesome as it was last year… in fact I think it was scarier than last year.

The theme parks were so much fun, things we can’t do in Sydney but I must shamefully admit the best times were when we were chilling at home playing poker with starburst lollies and milky ways as chips, playing crazy drinking games like talking sentences in backwards, making weird animals sounds… concentrating too much and the rules rather than drinking and playing the most hilarious games of charades between the couples, which btw made us realise charades can seriously ruin the strongest of relationships.

Most of all this selfish bitch absolutely loved having you all to myself.

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